Stunning Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas

Regardless of the type of lighting, you are looking for, we are certain to have what you are looking for. To create the perfect bathroom, you’ll need to get the lights right. Irrespective of the style you choose, all things considered, a well-lit bathroom is both practical and stylish. 

Taking into account the way you use your bathroom when planning your lighting setup, you should start by planning the layout. 

Keeping in mind the times of day that you will be there and whether or not there is a high level of natural light available will make the process easier. After that, consider the kind of ambiance you want to create and when you want it. 

You might be looking for a more lively and energizing bathroom space, or perhaps you would prefer a more relaxing and therapeutic one? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. You will have access to many bathroom lighting options, including smart lighting and the like, so that you can design the bathroom of your dreams.  

If you are shaving, cleaning, or applying makeup, then task lighting needs to be considered around mirrors to provide adequate illumination. Ensure that the lights that are chosen provide the right amount of light without leaving uncomfortable shadows. In terms of accent lighting, LED strips and directional lights are excellent options, whereas wall lights are great for ambient lighting.

Additionally, any electrical fittings will need the right IP rating, and you’ll want to highlight key fixtures like your basin, inside the shower, and around the bath, plus any alcoves and vanity areas, so you can maximize your use of the space. 

Check Out The Top 15 Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas

In this post, we’ve considered all you need to know about lighting and combined it with the most popular bathroom style, so keep reading to get inspired.

1) Add Soft Light To Your Room With Affordable Light-Up Mirrors


The Storjorm model of these Ikea mirrors is our top pick when it comes to bargaining bathroom lighting. If you’re looking for lots of light in a bath, this would be the one. Besides making a room more aesthetically pleasing, it would also be helpful if you like to do things like shaving and doing your makeup with it. Also, they are quite reasonably priced, as they are at a really good price.

2) Imagine A Spa Look With Bathroom Mirrors With Lights


The ultimate bathroom lighting solution is the backlit bathroom mirrors which provide the ultimate streamlined effect. This eliminates the need to fit fixtures and avoid having to worry about stepping on pendant bulbs. In addition, these fixtures make it easier to apply makeup since they are lightweight. 

3) Market The Lighting Fixtures To The Existing Fittings In The Bathroom


Think about how the various materials will interact with each other in order to achieve the desired bathroom decor. A marble countertop appears fantastic when contrasted with a brass or gold finish, whereas a tile countertop looks fantastic with a cool-toned metal or chrome finish. To give your home a really strong, unified look, you should match the lighting fixtures with the finish of the other fixtures in your home. 

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4) Bring New England Chic To Your Look With This Brass Pendant 

Are you in love with the simplicity of New England decor? If you want to bring that East Coast feels to your traditional bathroom, add a large brass pendant.


A ceiling light like the Quad Pendant Light by Davey Lighting couples vintage-industrial and nautical influences in a way that looks delicate enough to go with a neutrally designed bathroom. 

5) For A Retro-Chic Look, Use Glass Wall Lights


What if you could create a vintage-inspired bathroom without actually using vintage fixtures and fittings? Light fixtures made of round glass combined with metal fixtures will give your room a pleasing appearance. To complete the vintage look, consider using traditional incandescent bulbs.

6) Don’t Be Secretive When It Comes To Bathroom Lighting 


Chandeliers are the standard of bold light fixtures. With a large bathroom, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to bathroom lighting, so make the most of your large space by opting for a chandelier that makes an impact. The bathroom will work well with such a chandelier, and traditional bathrooms look especially good with a vintage-style chandelier.

7) Hand-Held Pendant Lighting In Small Groups.


Totally love the chic vibe of this bathroom! Love how the cluster of pendant lights serves as a super practical solution for softly lighting the area above the bath while also matching the style of the room. These lighting fixtures add a touch of industrial drama without gaining too much attention in this busy bathroom. 

8) How To Design A Feature In A Small Bathroom 


When you are working on a small bathroom, you have to add dimension and mimic the illusion of space in order to make it look larger. It is the perfect bathroom lighting, and it is also a nice way to add subtle drama, and the soft diffused light will enhance the space, drawing attention to the shapes rather than the size. 

9) Options Of Industrial-Style Lighting For Modern Interior Design


Have you been enjoying the trend of blending indoor and outdoor spaces? This is not only about making the outdoors look like the inside, but it can also be used in the other direction. You can add outdoor wall lights to your bathroom if you’d like to add an industrial and outdoorsy feel to it. 

10) Follow A Simple Pared Backwards Design.


Are you looking for a minimalist, unfussy bathroom design that looks timeless and elegant? In this case, all that will be needed is a nice pendant light – and any other lighting will be superfluous. Whether you opt for frosted glass or ceramic for a soft and subtle look or a brass pendant for a bold and striking look, get creative with your lighting choices. Be sure to talk to an electrician before making your purchase.

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11) Simple Exposed Bulbs Are The Best

If you’re dreaming of a lighting idea for your bathroom that’s classic and timeless, consider glass pendant lights. A wonderful substitute for lights built into the walls, they are a welcome addition to the traditional bathroom decor for a more contemporary outlook. 


The hanging exposed bulbs are simple yet really stylish, and they are positioned just right for lighting up the mirror and creating a visually compelling centerpiece. 

12) Bathroom Lighting Is An Easy Way To Add Fun To Your Bathroom

A bright and multicolored theme is going on in this bathroom, and it looks so appealing. The piece is fun to look at, it is quirky, and it really adds a lot of character to the small space. It really completes the look with the coral lighting, which brings together the colors in the wall art and the sink and brings the whole look together.


A second detail that you will notice is that the projector light has been angled downward just in front of the mirror; not only does this double the color, but it also means that even more light will be reflected all over the room. 

13) Design A Central Point In A Bathroom By Using Wall Lights

The use of strategically placed bathroom wall lights to draw attention to a certain area within the bathroom is a nice design idea that will make your bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing. In this case, it is the vanity unit that is being brought to attention with the use of lights displayed on the wall of the bathroom. The wall lamps are a practical lighting solution for the bathroom.


Do you want a stylish, minimalist bathroom? The best bet is to go for a monochromatic scheme, and an accompanying black bathtub will look especially good if you choose graphic box wall lights.


Adding statement pendant lights to a bathroom can make it seem more personal and reflect your unique individuality. However, be aware of finishes on metal that may rust because of the humid conditions present in the bathroom.

In the kitchen, pendant lights are usually positioned over an island, but they can also provide valuable task lighting in a bathroom. Consider putting a trio of smaller pendants over your bath or a pair on either side of your wash basin. Instead of a single pendant hung centrally, consider a pair on either side.

The following 13 Pendant Lighting Design Ideas are aimed at giving you some inspiration when it comes to designing your bathroom.

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