China Alerts Britain Conflicting In Hong Kong Will 'Backfire'

China alerted Britain on Wednesday that its interferences in Hong Kong’s affairs will “most definitely backfire” after London criticised plans for a nationwide safety legislation in the previous colony.

We encourage the UK to go back from the edge, desert Cold War mindset as well as colonial attitude, and also acknowledge and appreciate the truth that Hong Kong has returned” to China, international ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian claimed at a normal rundown.

Zhao claimed London must “right away quit conflicting in Hong Kong’s events and also China’s internal events, or this will certainly backfire.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said Tuesday that Beijing still has time to “reevaluate” the proposal, which China plans to establish in reaction to pro-democracy protests in the semi-autonomous city

British Head Of State Boris Johnson said he would certainly offer numerous Hong Kongers visas and a possible route to UK citizenship if China lingers with its nationwide safety regulation. Opponents fear the regulations will bring about political oppression in the economic center, wearing down liberties and also autonomy allegedly assured in Britain’s 1997 handover of the colony back to China.

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